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Kira G Goldy's Story

I've been a vegetarian since the age of 15, I understood early that it was wrong to kill and eat animals. Later when I was 20 I went vegan, when a friend who was a brilliant vegan chef, fed me vegan curry and opened my eyes to the joy and peace of a truly animal free diet. It immediately felt right.


I see-sawed between being vegan, vegetarian and eating meat for many years, but I was always happiest and healthiest when I was vegan. I was never fat, or ill, but I was so pale that I looked blue. I always had stiff muscles and joints. My skin was dry, flaky and unhealthy looking.


I had constant low moods - although I didn't realise it at the time, because it just felt 'normal' for me to be like that. I didn't know any different, my point of reference was not a happy, healthy one. I was often irritable with the people I loved, for no reason. I had very little energy and always did as little as I could get away with. I also lacked confidence and I could be very shy.


I used to believe that it was down to bad experiences I'd had in the past, which left their mark on my personality. I thought that years of therapy and counselling would maybe iron it all out, but no, everything disappeared as soon as I went 'Raw'. It forced a huge change in my thinking and beliefs to realise that all of my emotional and mental issues were caused by poor diet. The past is now a source of wisdom for me, not a drain on my current life.


Aside from the amazing physical benefits, what going 'Raw' does to you mentally and emotionally, is just magic. It firmly puts happiness, joy, peace and security into your life. It dissolves depression, hopelessness, helplessness, irritability and anger, and rids you of fear, filling you with courage. These are the effects of being 'Raw' which I wish everyone on the planet knew about.


I had worked in the holistic health field for years but never even heard of 'Raw', apart from an article in 'Heat' magazine about the loony diets of the rich and famous in LA! Then I met Chris in 2004, being American he knew all about it. He talked about people he had met who thrive on nothing but 'Raw Food'.


I thought it sounded like something I 'should' do, but I had an certain view of myself that I wasn't one of "those people". I wasn't one of the "beautiful people" who could happily be a 'Raw Foodist', that I would always need my roast potatoes and coffee.


But the idea didn't go away. One day, after having a Rebirthing Breathwork session - which must have cleared away some of my self doubt, I told Chris I was ready to try 'Raw'. We made a couple of recipes - Mock Salmon Pate and a Lemon Tart. Both were delicious, which was a shock to me. I thought it would taste like 'pretend food', but it tasted like the first 'real food' I had ever eaten. I decided then and there to go 'Raw', I fell in love with it at first taste!


I've now been 'Raw' since 2005 and I must say that I feel like a different person. I'm in the best mood I can possibly be in, every day without fail. My mood is so consistent and steady, it has given me huge confidence and security, to know that tomorrow will be the same as today is blooming fantastic!


My self esteem is at a level I have never experienced before. I look to my future with excitement, instead of dread. I wake up every morning happy to be alive and full of energy. This is such a big change for me, I used wake up dreading the day and full of sadness - for no particular reason. For over 15 years, I 'needed' a pot of strong coffee to get myself up out of bed.


My skin is so smooth now, dark circles under my eyes have disappeared, and I'm not blue any more! My body is much more flexible, I do Bikram Yoga every day, because I now have the energy and the self love I'd always needed to truly care for myself.


In my first year 'Raw' I lost a lot of weight, I went down 3 dress sizes, from (UK) size 14 to (UK) size 8. Now after two years 'Raw' I have evened out at a healthy (UK) size 10. Strangely though, I have permanently gone up 2 bra sizes, which is not something I expected to happen!


My body is firmer and younger looking. Cellulite has gone, my eyes are clearer and brighter. I no longer need to use any cosmetics or deodorant - my body completely stopped smelling when I went 'Raw', and my skin doesn't need any helpers like moisturiser, toner or cleanser.


To my irritation, back when I was vegan, I still had meat cravings. And I found myself guiltily eating meat from time to time. The meat cravings were due to the lack of leafy greens and raw foods in my diet. After I went 'Raw', my meat cravings miraculously stopped. Now meat disgusts me, instead of tempts me. I am very happy about that indeed.


On a Spiritual level, I now always feel tuned in to the "bigger picture". I have bags of energy and am happier than I have ever been. Feeling Spiritual joy isn't just a fleeting occasional feeling that used to come and go, if I was lucky. Now it is constantly on tap, there always for me to dip into.


I feel like I am in the flow of life, things just work out for me now, easily and quickly. I often want something and a few days later it miraculously arrives in my life. I understand my life and my place in the world and I now have the energy and happiness to give others more of my time, patience and love.
One of my favourite things about being 'Raw' is that the major corporations are no longer part of my life. I don't financially support Nestle, Mars, Unilever, Schweppes, Coca Cola, etc. I make everything from scratch, I use nothing from a box or a plastic wrapper. These big businesses which are destroying our environment, society and our health are no longer being financed by my energy and money.