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It's the PurelRaw USA Tour!

After 4 years in England it great to be home. I've been looking froward to meeting all my online Raw friends all over the country.

Is The Raw Kitchen RV coming to a town near you?

If not, add your town to the list.


The order below is not fixed and locations are not official until dated.

Wow, I am very excited to begin this tour!

It's gonna be nothing but FUN everywhere I go!!!

current list...

Morehead City, NC - June 27th

- at Crystal Coast Unity
Wilmington, NC - July 18th

 - at Unity Christ Church

New Bern, NC - August 1st

 - at Foundation Life Fellowship

Waynesboro VA - September 5th

 - at Inspiration University

Columbia, SC - late October
 - Location TBA soon

Asheville, NC - Raw ReTreat!

 - Weekend TBA soon
Athens, GA - TBA soon

Orlando, FL
Ocala, FL - Raw ReTreat!

Tampa, FL
Dallas, TX

Austin, TX - Raw ReTreat!

Albuquerque, NM

Phoenix, AZ

Boulder, CO

Las Vegas, NV

Modesto, CA

Oceanside, CA

Fresno, CA

San Francisco, CA

Petaluma, CA

Arcata, CA

Mt. Shasta, CA

Eugene, OR

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Washington, DC
Baltimore, MD
Vineland, NJ
West Haven, CT

Northhampton, MA
Strausburg, OH
South Bend, IN
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
Fargo, ND
St Louis, MO
Oklahoma City, OK
Tahlequah, OK

HandsOn Kitchen Classes (all towns)

Q&A PotLuck Parties (most towns)

Private Catering (available throughout)

Private Instruction (available throughout)

ReTreats (various simple, natural locations)


...basic information on all these below

HandsOn Kitchen Classes:


Right now I am featuring my newest class...


Raw Foods Your Family Will Beg For

   - $90 ($60 for senior, youth or need)

7 full hours and fun every minute. We will make 10 or more of my best recipes! You can get your hands involved if you like and we get to eat everything we make. The class is open for Q & A throughout and we'll go over some secret (shhhh) "Raw" information I have for you too.

Classes are usually on Saturdays and class sizes are small to provide personal attention.


    see some comments on PurelyRaw classes. Click Here


    Class Details? click ---> Raw Foods Your Family Will Beg For

Q&A Potluck Parties

  - $15 ($10 for seniors, youth or need)


First of all... Everyone brings their current favourite dish! 2nd, We Eat!!!

Then as things begin to settle, we'll go from mingling to a nice group chat. It's never boring and a great way to pass all the latest info around all at once. Whenever possible, some of the proceeds will go toward future local raw groups/events/projects.

Private Catering & Instruction


All my private work is tailored to your specific need. Anything's possible. Please contact me and I will assist you however I can.



This is my personal favourite way of working and connecting with people. I intend an environment of support, transformation, vulnerability, riotous laughter and breathtaking hugs.


We can get into a bit more than "Raw" during our time. There are so many things to share. My evening on Physical Immortality! for one. It's the 'Law of Attraction' and 'The Secret' applied directly to your health.


Often during our time together we will go beyond mind. Once beyond mind you know that you can not be mind. Then also you may know, who/what/if you are.


I am in the process of planning the NC ReTreat now and I'm considering a date in late August, in the foothills. Contact me now if you're interested. It's a small place and we'll fill up fast.


If you've got a ReTreat location on the and want some happy visitors then contact me and we'll get the ball rolling. I'd love to work with a new raw center that is trying to get some attention. I prefer a camping/natural/simple type environment over pressed sheet luxury for this work please.

Work Exchange

Wanna get involved? I can use a hand or two in each town.



Location scouts, fly posters, points of contact, etc.


Kitchen Assistants

Mainly for the Prepping & cleaning during recipes to keep things moving.



More than one camera angle (my tripod) is what's needed. If you are a creative as well then that's a Bonus!

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on the USA Tour or the Raw Kitchen RV.


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