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Personally, I disagree with the amount of emphasis being placed on supplements and superfoods. Unfortunately selling these products is one of the simplest ways to make a living from the raw foods market. For this reason supplement and superfood marketing dominates the living foods landscape.


I like the simplicity of getting everything I need from what I eat. That is a big attraction to being Purely Raw for me. I have never felt I needed a supplement less, than I do now. I’d rather motivate you, to attempt being Purely Raw, than to tell you that being 80% raw with a few supplements is just as good.


It’s simple. Cut out all the cooked ingredients from your diet. Detoxify yourself. See what you are like without additives at least once in your life. Take the time to make yourself only fresh Purely Raw food. Once you meet your Purely Raw self, you can then decide whether to add supplements or superfoods to your diet.


The last thing I want to do by promoting the living foods lifestyle, is to turn our earth into a Cacao, Maca or Goji berry plantation. By 2030 there will be no snow cap on Mount Kilimanjaro, because it is now surrounded by coffee farms. This snow cap provides a year round water source for over 300 types of vegetation, depended on by the mountain’s many communities. 


B12 Information:
I have to mention B12. There are many factors being studied that surround this issue. New research will be published here soon, but at the time of this writing our best advice is as follows.


B12 deficiency may cause serious health problems. Don't panic! It can take years to deplete your B12 reserves. Get tested before you worry. For now in short, be safe, not sorry!


B12 deficiency is easy to test for. The test is called a MMA or Methylmalonic Acid test of the urine. It costs only £20 for home testing. I am being tested now. Many long term Purely Raw vegans are not deficient.


B12 is easy to supplement. A small nibble daily, off a 500 mcg tablet from Vitasunn Nutritionals. This will cost you about £8 a year. It’s a cheap and easy way to be sure.


B12 has been used as an argument against vegetarian diets for a long time. The fact is that many meat and dairy eaters are also B12 deficient. Antibiotics in mainly animal foods disturb the production of 'Intrinsic Factor' in our stomach. B12 must bind with 'Intrinsic Factor' before it can enter our system. Any GP will tell you that B12 deficiency is common now among the elderly, no matter their diet.

Supplements & Superfoods