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Many who have given up on being 100% Raw or decided it wasn't possible or right for them, may never have actually been 100% Raw in the first place. Because of the amount of cooked food being mistaken for raw, especially in the past, many may have thought they were eating 100% Raw, yet they were not. Now days producers and consumers are both more aware of what is raw and what is not, compared to even just a year or two ago.


Staying 100% is difficult if one is still consuming cooked food unknowingly. We tend to crave whatever is in our bloodstream. So if those cooked food chemicals and compounds are in our system then we will want more. As with any addiction, we will then come up with reasons why we need cooked food. From our experience it took many weeks of actual purity before these cooked food cravings, and the addiction thinking that went with them, went away.


When Chris and I decided to try going 100% raw, we struggled because of one thing. We kept eating things that we thought were raw, but had actually been cooked at some point. We thought we were Purely Raw, but we weren't. As we learned more about our food and how it is produced, we cut out the cooked items (see our 'Dead Food List'), and our cravings for cooked food finally stopped. Our appetite for raw foods increased even more. Now we crave Purely Raw Foods only and we love eating more every day.


Even 99% raw is a world away from being Purely Raw. Victoria Boutenko, in her great book "12 Steps to Raw" shows that if you're 100% raw you are able to assimilate 10 times more of the nutrients in your food than when you are eating 99% raw. Others may also think that they have been 100% raw, when they were not. You may see advice from people who have tried going 100% and failed, and who accept or even advocate a diet that's a mixture of raw and cooked. They may never have experienced the magic of being Purely Raw, they may have never met their pure and true self.


We have noticed quite a few people in the raw lime light who advocate eating 100% raw, but use products or ingredients regularly that are not raw. A few types of shelled nuts, nutritional yeast and nori, are some common examples. Maybe they are shelling their nuts themselves or getting their nori direct from the sea, before it has been kiln dried. But you should know that the packaged versions of these items, even when labled and sold as raw, are normally not.


It is healthier and more euphoric to cut out cooked items entirely. For us this meant cutting out shoyu, agave nectar, shelled pecans/macadamias/brazils, nori, coffee, herbal tea, olives, miso, tahini, most packaged dried fruit and a few others. The ease and enjoyment that we now experience being Purely Raw has easily been worth it and these items are not missed at all.


When I found out nori and tahini were not raw, I thought, "How am I going to stay raw without my nori roll ups?" As if there'd be a big hole in my life without them. The opposite happened. As soon as they went, my body craved greens like never before. This lead me to eat an even wider variety of food, and that made being raw even easier.


By going only partially raw you are most likely denying yourself something big. You may only be coming close and just missing feeling the complete truth of who you are. Don't hold back on trying this one simple thing. Going 100% Purely Raw is the key to not just sticking on raw, but loving every minute of it and craving more and more of it!


This page is not meant to make you feel bad if you haven't gone 100% raw yet. We only want to encourage you to try out being 100% Purely Raw before you decide what your ultimate diet should be. Take whatever time you need to transition, but keep your eye on the prize.

Staying Purely Raw