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The! Beauty Secret

Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Hurley, Donna Karan, Natalie Portman, Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Sting, Cher, Lisa Bonet, Brooke Burke and Margaret Cho, all have experimented with, publicly embraced or praised Raw Food in the press and some are even full time Purely Raw foodists. Woody Harrelson has published books on Raw Food. He has even starred in a Raw Food film, created a Raw Food website and also opened O2, a Raw Food restaurant and Bar.


These stars know The! Beauty Secret. They have seen the results and now believe in eating Raw Food. Raw Food has been popular in Hollywood for years. Even before the world's first raw food restaurant opened in Los Angeles more than 10 years ago.


Eating Purely Raw food has an instant and dramatic effect on our looks, just as it does on our health. Many stars have launched or prolonged their careers with raw foods. Many more are now giving up plastic surgery and other crazy beauty treatments like botox and are instead just eating Purely Raw.


How beautiful is a wild giraffe, a wild horse or any other wild animal? They have a pristine, natural, glowing, beauty, because they eat only natural unprocessed food. You can be as beautiful as that on natural food too.


You are what you eat. If you eat flaky pastry, you will soon look flaky and pasty. Eat dead animals, and you will end up looking like dead lifeless meat. Eat fresh, raw, fruit and vegetables and you will look juicy, fresh, vibrant and alive!


You only have to look at the many 'Before & After' photos of raw foodists, to see how people are transformed into ravishing beauties by eating raw food. Click here for some of our favourite 'Before & After' links.

Our body, even when fed an excess of food, is starved of the essential building blocks it needs to be healthy and beautiful. These vital elements are destroyed when our food is heated. We need whole, live vitamins, enzymes and nutrients to grow a healthy, vibrant, beautiful body. Without these elements, our bodies can't work as they should. We deteriorate, prematurely age, and die unnaturally.


No matter what your parents, grandparents or siblings look like, by going raw you will become an outstanding natural beauty. It's all because balance equals beauty. When our bodies are in balance by being fed raw foods, our kinks and abnormalities are healed. Many say their skin, eyes, hair and even their body shape, bone structure and face shape changed after switching to eating Purely Raw foods.


The first organs to reveal our state of health are our eyes. Nothing is attractive about bloodshot, dull, sunken, puffy eyes. After you begin eating raw, your eyes will become as bright and clear as a child's. They may even change colour.


Our skin mirrors the internal state of our body. It is 'safer' for our body to deprive our skin of nutrition, in order to supply our vital internal organs with whatever it can collect from our food. When you eat only live nutrients, your body finally has plenty of fuel and no longer has to decide how to ration it. Your entire body, including your skin, will get it’s fair share of life giving enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Your skin will thank you by being glowing and radiant, and the signs of ageing will be reversed.


When I went raw my skin changed from a pale blue colour to a healthy pink, peachy glow. It became tighter and firmer and more youthful. I no longer have any need to wear make up. It feels great to walk down the street turning heads without a scrap of make up on.


Overweight people quickly lose weight after going raw. This weight loss may please some, but dismay others. Don't worry, you'll find that on raw, your weight will eventually balance to your body type. Underweight people will add those wanted few pounds.


Personally, I lost a bit to begin with, but now I weigh the same as when I was cooked. The amazing thing to me is that I am two dress sizes smaller! My body has changed it's shape. My legs have lost their puffiness and are lean and look longer. My arms and shoulders are also leaner and more defined. My bust size has increased, and I'm much firmer and better shaped in that area than ever before. I never expected that at 32!


Being happy and feeling good also makes you more attractive. When you look at the 'Before & After' pictures of raw fooders, you will see their inner glow. They exude a sense of well being. People who go on 'normal' mainstream diets never look that good.


Raw Fooders exude health and beauty as much as any natural wild animal does. I love when I look in the mirror and I look younger every day. Instead of seeing new signs of ageing, I see new signs of beauty. It is a wonderful thing. I know now that everything I eat is adding to my health and beauty. I feel it with every bite and I know it with the way I look and feel. Nothing is better than living this way. Be beautiful, be raw!