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Carrot Onion Bread - £4.85

our buttery flatbread. we use it for everything from sandwiches to pizza crust. wonderful when topped with our Cheeze and "Grilled Meat".

bag of 9 "squares" 3 or more inches each.

carrot, onion, soaked flax seed, water, olive oil, salt


Cheeze with Spring Onion - £5.85

thick smooth spread with a strong cheese bite, loaded with exploded spring onion. great on our flatbread or as pizza or lasagna cheese. use it in wraps or dolloped on top of your salad.

sprouted sunflower seeds, pine nuts, spring onions, lemon, olive oil, salt.

(aprox 200 grams)


Onion Pate - £5.85

deeply meaty and loaded with omegas. a heavy filler great in lettuce wraps or with our flatbread. great on a tomato sandwich. Kira's Dad says,"It tastes like my mother's chopped liver pate, and she owned a deli."

walnuts, onions, pumpkin seeds, dates, lemon, oregano, salt

(aprox 300 grams)


"Grilled Meat" Chunks - £4.85

our special method of handling these mushrooms reduces and firms, then infuses them with flavour. use in wraps, sandwiches, BBQ or add to "pasta/rice" type dishes. do not sit down with whole package or it will become dinner.

mushrooms, water, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, salt

(aprox 100 grams)

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Kaliphoul Curry - £6.85

named after the Goddess Kali and Phoul which is Urdu for flower.

"rice" from cauliflower with curry sauce and fresh peas. your tongue will dance among the fresh coriander. dolloped with a spicy sweet sauce to tempt you even more. one large portion.

cauliflower, pine nuts, water, dates, peas, banana, ginger, olive oil, herbs, spices, salt.

(aprox 450 grams)


"Pasta" Alfredo - £6.85

an abundance of minced fresh basil and parsley in a creamy cheese sauce, blended into a large portion of "pasta" from courgette. topped with chopped pieces of our "Grilled Meat" strips. you won't believe you mouth!

courgette, sunflower seeds, onion, pine nuts, water, dates, olive oil, basil, parsley, garlic, lemon, salt, mustard. (includes "Grilled Meat" strips above)

(aprox 450 grams)



Apple Crumble - £4.85

tangy paper thin granny smiths lavishly smothered in a cinnamon and nutmeg apple syrup. then topped off with a comforting, moist, traditional crumble. almost enough to share, maybe.

apples, walnuts, dates, water, lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt.

(aprox 300 grams)


Tomato Soup - £4.85

because when you want tomato soup you want it straight from the can. this is our version of everyones old canned favourite. built on a base of carrot, celery and cucumber juice, you'll think we stewed it for hours.

carrot juice, tomatoes, celery juice, cucumber juice, onion, dates, pine nuts, oregano, basil, lemon juice, salt.

(aprox 400 ml)


Caramel Sauce - £5.85

jump start your sweet tooth with this thick creamy caramel sauce. use over fruit and nuts for breakfast or in a smoothie, as a sweetener or base for dressings, dips or in any recipe.

dates, water, salt

(aprox 400 ml)


Date Syrup - £5.85

a simple date syrup with just a pinch of salt. use as a sweetener, even a sauce or dressing base. dates are our first choice of sweetener at Purely Raw.

dates, water, salt.

(aprox 400 ml)

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Minimum Order is £24 plus £7 to £11 for UK post & packing.

Pay debit/credit card by phone or cheque by post.


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