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Food Processor ~ A good thing to buy second hand. We’ve never spent more than £55 on a new one. Our current favourite was £5 from the charity shop. Save your pennies for a dehydrator and buying lots of books and ingredients instead.


Blender ~ Many good choices under £25 and also second hand. Larger is better. More than one speed is nice sometimes. A large blade that spans the bottom well is helpful. We may buy a Vitamix someday for £400 and we’ll let you know if it was worth it.


Dehydrator ~ Ours has been running nearly daily since we bought it. You can make bread, crackers, burgers, crusts for pies and cakes and much more. You can create "baked", "fried", "roasted", and "stewed" meals with a little practice. We bought an Excalibur and have enjoyed it very much. We found that the temperature setting dial was not correct on ours. We placed a thermometer inside and checked it during running. Ours ran hotter than the dial said.


Juicer ~ You'll feel great drinking fresh juice instead of 'soft drinks'. Apple, carrot, pear, cucumber and celery are some of people's favourites. Fresh juice is much cheaper than bottled and it's raw. Packaged juice is pasteurised. Consider how much chopping your items will require to fit into your juicer. The bigger the input hole, the better.


Citrus Juicer ~ Because of the peal, citrus is better handled by a juicer made for specifically for that purpose. Our current was £7 at Tesco and it works great.


Masticating Juicers ~ These are useful for grinding up nuts into butters, and making pates, and making lots of juice fast. They are mentioned in lots of recipes. But in most cases, you can make do with a food processor.


Sprouting Devices ~ Many health food shops sell sprouting kits. These usually aren't that good for raw fooders because we use such a large amount of sprouts in our recipes, they won't fit in most sprouters. Sprouting is simple and easy. We use the same method for everything we sprout and it always works. Which is: soak nuts/seeds/grain overnight, drain and leave spread out on dinner plates, rinse twice daily. Use buckwheat and wheat grain when they are one day old, with just 1mm tails, no longer!


Measuring Cups ~ Most raw food recipes use cup measurements. Don't guess or use tea cups and mugs, you'll end up with lots of recipe disasters! Get the actual ones instead.

Equipment for Your Raw Kitchen