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Today we accept poor health as normal. We expect to get sick regularly, and we do. We even call sickness the 'common cold'. Colds allthough common, are not natural. Our illnesses are a product of ourselves. Sickness is not our natural state.


Animals in the wild, away from humans, live out their entire life spans free from disease. As soon as we capture one of these amazing wild animals, confine it and begin feeding it un-natural food, the diseases we are so familiar with, start showing up. Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, etc. all can be found in the animals that we 'care for'.


When any sick or diseased human stops eating un-naturally their immune system comes to life and heals them completely. Cancers, Heart Disease, Diabetes - Type 1 & 2, AIDS, etc. They are no match for our immune system. Our bodies produce everything we need to get and stay healthy automatically, as long as we give ourselves the proper fuel. Tens of thousands (myself included) around the world have reversed their diseases and saved their own lives by learning this most ancient truth.


Many in medicine consider keeping a cancer patient alive a few years past their first prognosis to be a great success. To them, complete reversal and perfect glowing health is not an option. They tell us our health is not in our control. They blame our genes, our environment, germs, viruses, etc. They offer only mild symptom relief and short periods of remission from the latest pill, treatment or surgery they have developed. They too suffer and die from disease. The average Doctor in fact has a 10 year shorter life span than normal.


I never thought that I would have good health. Before 2001, I had spent my whole life on medications and diets. I could set my calendar by my yearly illnesses. I was on medicine for High Blood Pressure, Hypertension and Chronic Asthma as well as taking many over-the-counter medicines daily. I had begun to have regular undiagnosed hospital stays and I was approved for a radical and irreversable stomach bypass surgery called a Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch.


I walked away from that surgery, the medicines and my Doctors and began to steadily improve my diet instead. First I went vegetarian, then vegan, and finally I became Purely Raw. Today at 41, people that I meet, can't imagine me as unhealthy, much less near death. I am living in glowing perfect health and I’ll never give it up.

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