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Firstly Purely Raw Food is purely plant foods. Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Nuts, Seeds, Grains, etc. No foods from animal sources. This means no dairy, eggs, or flesh. (see 'Why Plant Foods?', under 'Why?', for more information)


Raw food has never been subjected to heat over 38 degrees Celsius. This is also our body temperature. Anything that has been heated to above our own body temperature is dying because the enzymes, vitamins and minerals begin to deform and die at this temperature. Our bodies do not recognise cooked food as food at all. Instead cooked food is treated by our system as a toxin. (see 'Cooking Changes Food', under 'Why?', for more information)


Purely Raw means eating 100% Raw and Living foods. We do not advocate a "high raw" diet, 70% raw, or 80% raw. 80% is 4 out of 5. How is this measured? Is it 1 cooked meal out of every 5?, 1/5th of your plate at every meal?, or 1 cooked ingredient out of 5 in every recipe? Knowing the truth about cooked food and its effect on us, we can understand only Purely Raw as humans ultimate goal.


A goal is just that, a goal. Don't expect yourself to go 100% overnight and never look back. Allow yourself transition time, we both did. Allow yourself to break 'The Rules' when you feel you need to. When I first went 100%, I told myself that any craving that I had for more than six hours, I would satisfy. Most of the time this waiting period would get me past my craving, sometimes it would not. It kept me though from hating myself or giving up, over having a tray of chips or the occasional stir fry.


Raw food is full of active enzymes.
Raw food is full of minerals and vitamins your body can use.
Raw food is full of enriched water which your body needs.
Raw food is free from metal contamination caused by cooking.
Raw food comes with its own active immune system intact.
Raw food is full of chlorophyll, essential for our bodies and minds.
Raw food is alive, like you!

Our Definition of Raw